Tania Saleh - Wehde Website

Hello jami3an,
I proudly present for you Tania Saleh's new website, designed for her new album "Wehde" :)
George Rouhana is the interactive designer behind this amazing website. Tania, George and me had long discussions about how to design the website and the mixture of George' logic, practicality and great sense of design and animation along with Tania's conceptual, artistic background and the love for details was a great platform for my illustrations to grow. I m lucky again and again to work with these people, work is not really work anymore ...

Tania Saleh live in concert at Pierre Abou Khater Thater, USJ, Damascus road, May 5 & 6 at 9 pm. you can't miss it :)


  1. i loved the design , very expressive about the title :)

    and as a photoshop user also loved it here


  2. David it looks AMAZING , it is a great collaboration x

  3. reminds me of "triplettes de belleville"