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لما بكون المشوار ٥ ساعات بالتران، إي حلو ترسم

Beyroutes - A Guide To Beirut

"Beyroutes", the intimate guide book for Beirut, is the result of a one week workshop that involved illustrators, photographers, journalists and architects from Lebanon and Holland. the project was initiated by Studio Beirut and supported by Partizian Publik, Archis and Pearl Foundation. We worked in groups to cover 4 geographical areas in Beirut; Hamra, Ashrafieh, Bourj Hammoud and Dahye.

Dahye in 2006.

“Ahlan wa Sahlan” to Dahyeh: Welcome to Dahyeh… to you and was for me too, my very own first time, a Lebanese animator and illustrator, never acquainted with the actual reality of Dahyeh, a tourist in my own land. Once down there, I would say Dahyeh resembles the playfield inside a Flipper game… This being said, of course I related myself to that little shiny ball, that is in constant movement, propelled back and forth by any encounter with the switches and buttons! You as a tourist, are the same in Dahyeh, you are as shiny and glowing as an intruder could be!! You are of course lost, with no notion of direction, bumping back and forth from one checkpoint and landmark to another, which of course fill this field up… Being in Dahyeh is being in a state of constant agitation and activity, for you can never settle in one place. But no matter how lost you will be, by the end of the day you are out, merely because there are no hotels to house you here!

other artworks about my experience in Dahye.

an illustration for a story we heard about a nude photographer in Dahye. strange job in a conservative region.

my presentation in Pecha Kucha 4 long time ago :) but amazing experience