This is another illustrated and animated campaign with agency Leo Burnett Beirut.
The client is Picon, and it is the back to school promo entitled "a2wa rass bi Lebnein" :)
it s a competition on Picon's website that challenges the kids knowledge about Lebanon.
Here are the key visuals i did for the campaign.

i had to do all the elements in the illustrations with a simple contour line so the production team can add die-cuts easily, specially that part of the campaign is to do pop-up stands in supermarkets.

Just after the visuals, we moved to the animated TVC Ad. I did the animation together with the great Ashley Choukeir :) tx Ash.
Enjoy the animation and i hope you like the project :)

في البراري

لمحته في البراري
يرقص ويبشّر بزمن الإنحراف

photo by Mohamed Fathi