Haltabees Book Trailer

an animated trailer for "Haltabees", my first children illustration book.

Haltabees MakingOf

"Haltabees" the book, printed and ready to be published by al Khayyat al Saghir :)
this book is written by Rania Saghir and illustrated by me.
process for creating the main character "Haltabees". first, the armature, volume, then adding the clay and coloring the face. the choice of clay is to show that "Haltabees" is sensitive and fragile just like the material.
Christy (neighbor) & Rania Saghir (the author) meeting Haltabees.
steps for one of the spreads : starting with a hand drawn illustration, shooting Haltabees in the right light and angle, leading to a digital full rendered illustration, placing the character inside the illustration, adjusting the colors and light and adding shadow.
the final illustration.
steps for another spread of the book; making the set of hearts to introduce the dream of Haltabees. many layers will be added to the photo, including photo collage, Haltabees and Lamees.
the final illustration
creating the street scene from clay and cardboards, trying different light positions and shooting the background street scene.
more steps for the same spread; shooting street details from the neighborhood and adding them digitally to the illustration. in addition to adding the character to the illustration.
the final illustration
a number of buildings, selected from photos, distorted digitally and set in a composition to create the final spread of the book.
the final spread after color correction and digital rendering.
shooting the cover. Pisto (the cat) supervising the process. the title is done also from clay.
the cover :)
a bonus spread that was not printed in the book :)

Haltabees Launching pics

well malyoun tx for all who attended the launching event of my first children illustration book "Haltabees". Tx also for all those who called and sent msgs to support me :) love u all ya jame3a ! kisses

Launching of za book :)

well, this is the invitation card for the launching event of my first illustration book for kids : "حلتبيس حلتبيس" with Rania Zaghir. the event will be in Biel during the book fair, Dec. 14 @ 6:45.
hope to see youuuu :)

أشعار للمياه

أشعار للمياه is a new collective blog between Soha Awwad (poet)
& David Habchy (animator & illustrator).
check it out here


Klekeesh in Hibr newspaper issue # zero.

Hibr.me (حبر لبناني) (Lebanese Ink) is aiming to serve as a large-scale independent (unaffiliated to any sectarian or political group) youth & citizen media outlet in Lebanon that works in print (publishing a monthly free distribution newspaper), online (with regular content, discussions, multimedia, online collaborations, and more), and in person (with regular events, workshops, competitions, and other activities). Hibr is powered by young people while engaging all communities in Lebanon and the Lebanese diaspora community worldwide, and most content is licensed under a Creative Commons license to facilitate non-profit sharing of whatever information and content we create.

نقطة حمراء

this is an old experimental animation that i did with Elias Moubarak & William Choukeir for the festival 8.8.8 that was organized by Xanadu & Ramzi Hibri. the poetry is for Soha Awwad.
here are few links about this animation

Ashekman - 7itan 3am Te7kineh

This is a new video clip for the lebanese hip-hop rap band "Ashekman" for their new song "7itan 3am te7kineh" based on Tarek Chemaly book "Archewallogy/Les murs murs de la ville". I animated this video clip with Alain Nasnas (BAN).
enjoy :)


the final rendering of the cave illustration :)
the cave illustration in process

a trip to Kaftoun in north lebanon with Hanane & William. it was raining so we sat down in a small cave and drew. I felt like a cavemen at home :)

Children's Book Illustration Course

i took this course in Central Saint Martins in London last August with April Wilson
the course was about how to create a picture book through illustration. the following, are some applications for the given exercises: character creation and development both in 2D and in mixed media 3D, drawing facial expressions generated by these characters, creating a storyboard from a given text, book concept and design, composition and text placement

the lovely class :)
the instructor work and originals
the instructor April Wilson

class atmosphere
exploring new techniques and tools

check bea & Christina's work

3aseer taza

If you didn't get a chance to see the art work properly,
the exhibition will still be running for the next 2 weeks,
so pop by anytime between 6pm to 12 :)