some special music from Berlin

When i was participating in Berlin Literature Festival, i met a very special person, Lucid.
She is an amazing singer, songwriter living in Frankfurt.
She played a lot of beautiful live music before every reading in the festival, and here is her song before i presented my book Haltabees.
you can hear "Lamees" in the song, the love of Haltabees.
Thanks a lot Lucid for sharing.
and enjoy it everyone :)

Berlin Literature Festival 2010

Last september, i was invited to participate in Berlin International Literature Festival.
The organizers first saw my book, "Haltabees Haltabees" written by Rania Zaghir and published by al khayat al saghir, in Bologna book fair, Italy where they discovered the book and invited me to participate in their International Children's and Youth Literature section.
Let me say i was honored to participate at the age of 25, with my first book, in this amazing festival next to brilliant illustrators and authors like Shaun Tan, Philippe Lechemier, Emily Gravett, Eva Muggenthaler and many others.
The festival was extremely well organized and the amazing thing about it that i visited a lot of german schools, children's museums, libraries, and i was able in a short period of time to have a looot of wonderful souvenirs from this lovely capital Berlin.
i read my book for hundreds of kids living in Germany. the book was translated to german, but kids wanted to hear it in arabic and they enjoyed it :)
i did some stop motion workshops for some schools and i learned a lot from kids. some other schools did workshops based on my book before i met them and presented the work for me. it was overwhelming to see kids performing some plays based on Haltabees, or doing group illustrations using my style of illustration. some presentations were just funny like kids talking about how they imagined i look like after they saw the book :)
i had a lot of fun with those wonderful kids, with the authors and illustrators from the festival, with the organizers specially in the parties at the end of each day :)

i did a video that describes a bit what was happening :)
tx a looot for the amazing people i met; Ina, Katrin, Mahmoud, Claudia, Inga, Christina, Alex ....

Giselle & Na3eem are Back !

They posted their movies on youtube !
Probably, Kassatly Buzz will take them and broadcast it on TV.

Na3eem in a desperate call ...

Gizo speaks out ...

Check it, share it and hope u like it :)

Timout Beirut - PhotoFinish

Last month, Ellen Hardy from TimeOut Beirut contacted me to participate in their PhotoFinish section. it was fun working with Ellen, who gave me a Photo of an old Lebanese house and i had to do a comic strip inspired from it.

the original photo from Ellen

the end result :) (from right to left since it s in arabic)
it s now out in November's Time Out beirut issue. Go check it and hope you like it :)
Thanks Ellen