Timout Beirut - PhotoFinish

Last month, Ellen Hardy from TimeOut Beirut contacted me to participate in their PhotoFinish section. it was fun working with Ellen, who gave me a Photo of an old Lebanese house and i had to do a comic strip inspired from it.

the original photo from Ellen

the end result :) (from right to left since it s in arabic)
it s now out in November's Time Out beirut issue. Go check it and hope you like it :)
Thanks Ellen


  1. rou7 rsom eddem baytak !!
    w kif 2elak 3ayn tottsil :D

    shou l wa7ad ma bettwa22a3 yotla3 ma3ak heik shi men heik soura :D

    brava !

  2. :D yeiy !!
    kif elak 3ayn t3alle2 !
    be7lof we7yat ebni ktir mabsoot fik :D
    tx hobbb

  3. ma that is amazing.. what you've done is so creative.. great work keep it up...

  4. Steeeeeeve tx again :D photos are a great inspiration for me !

  5. Halaaaaaaaa tx tx tx for following my work :D hope to see you soon girl !