Soha & Fadi

Soha = 15 years of extreme friendship, respect, creativity, music, passion ...
Fadi = unknown creature living in Egypt who wants to marry Soha :)
Soha + Fadi = love, wedding, paranoia & mustard :p

halla2 3anjadd, I love u guys ktir w mabrook men halla2 !

Fadi, Soha and I decided to do a fresh wedding card without such accessories. Soha wanted a postcard so i designed an illustration on one side and the usual postcard layout with a twist from the other side.
the illustration is based on a poetry line that of course Soha wrote "الله في الحب انحناءة شجرة تظلل روحين" and the following are the steps leading to the final illustration.

and here is the wedding card, printed in pink to add more Trallallaa :)
on the other side, i designed some stamps for Soha and Fadi.

The lovely Soha enjoying the card :)

Mabrook ...

fresh summer press articles :)

I was honored to participate in issue # 375 of l'Agenda Culturel. Since 1994, L'Agenda Culturel is one of the best references for cultural activities in Lebanon. Miss Grace Barmaki interviewed me and i replied with illustrations. check the interview, i hope you like it :)
Tx Grace.

Another Interview with Vanessa Bassil, from Al Mustaqbal Newspaper about blogging in Lebanon. Tx Vanessa.

في واحد طارق راسيل

last sunday 4.7.2010 was the wedding of two sweet lovers : Tarek Bacha & Racelle Ishak.
let me say it was one of the most happy, amazing, unusual and simple wedding parties i ve ever attended. everyone was involved in the preparations and Love was in the air :D

i did this illustration for Tarek and Racelle and we made it part of the wedding ceremony :)

Tarek & Racelle discovering the gift.

loving the best bride Racelle ( bel 2ezen mennak 3arees )

i love u Tarek and Racelle and i really wish u a happppppy life wjamelkon :)