Tabadol - Mar2it Tari2

During the month of November, I met 10 amazing artists from France and Lebanon.
At the beginning of the project, I knew only one of them but i ended up having 10 friends: Angela, Raghda, Maryam, Dana, Azza, Brice, Clemence, Jeanne, Dianne and Ronan.
The project is called "Mar2it Tari2" and the association behing it is Tabadol. This is their second project between Lebanon and France, and this year the theme was "street".
In this workshop, there s no leader; everyone is here to exchange their knowledge and each idea is a potential project. So we spent the first two weeks doing workshops, each one in his domain, and we did a lot of applications as well based on what we learned. I suggested to the group the stop motion technique, and working with artists from different disciplines made me explore a lot this technique. We used to shoot every day for an hour or two, a short stop motion with no story line; we explore the streets, we find a spot and we do it !
I don't mid now spending an hour a day doing this because it s just like a therapy :)
here is the result of all the scenes we shot during the month of November.

The movie was part of a show we did for 2 days in Beirut. "Mar2it Tari2" was not a play, nor a dance show; it was a parade in the streets of Hamra, Beirut where the audience walks and explore the city from a different perspective and spirit. This was seriously dreamy, surreal specially with the great audience we had. This video edited by Jeanne Robert, document what happened during two days in Beirut !

I took some photos of the show so u can enjoy few moments that i will never forget !

Dianne, Jeanne, 2 books and a sofa surrounded by cars, police and the audience.

"memory" was the key of this moment that happened in the middle of a construction area.
Les Bouffons, a married couple, lead the audience around the different locations where the show happens, and we blocked the streets so the audience can cross, and we painted some additional pedestrians passage. I hope we can keep them and make cars respect them one day !

Songs and music in a garage :)

shows around "Consommation" in a parking ...

the beautiful audience with whom we shared some videos at the end of the parade. Thanks everyone for being here and i hope this post will transmit a bit of what happened for all of you,
learning about Tabadol for the first time :) You can check other photos from "Tabadol" on this link:

Now we will continue this project in Lyon, France in February 2012. I m so excited to discover this city and to work again with the great team and will keep you posted what will happen in Lyon :)

Mixy - Cardboard Illustration

This is not very recent but it s never too late to share it :)
I collaborated with the cute and sexy art director Petra Abousleiman on this AD directed by the one Amin Dora and we spent a week of preparations full of colors, food and a bit of stress !
The mission was to design the set imaginary elements and to illustrate them on cardboards.
We used markers to define the contour stroke and acrylics to fill in with colors. The surfaces were big since all the models are real scale relative to the actors.
The following are some final illustrations that we used in the actual shooting of the AD.

the best part for me was to design a car for the kid, the hero in the AD.
We used a real car, and covered the body with cardboards with a design twist, cut it into pieces
and drew on each one apart.
Later we fixed all the cardboard pieces on the actual car in the very early morning before the shooting starts.

here is the original car :)

This job was really fun and it s all because of the amazing working team.
Thanks a lot to Issa Kandil, Ashley Choukeir, Houssam Kanj, Sahar Malek and Petra Abousleiman :)