Mixy - Cardboard Illustration

This is not very recent but it s never too late to share it :)
I collaborated with the cute and sexy art director Petra Abousleiman on this AD directed by the one Amin Dora and we spent a week of preparations full of colors, food and a bit of stress !
The mission was to design the set imaginary elements and to illustrate them on cardboards.
We used markers to define the contour stroke and acrylics to fill in with colors. The surfaces were big since all the models are real scale relative to the actors.
The following are some final illustrations that we used in the actual shooting of the AD.

the best part for me was to design a car for the kid, the hero in the AD.
We used a real car, and covered the body with cardboards with a design twist, cut it into pieces
and drew on each one apart.
Later we fixed all the cardboard pieces on the actual car in the very early morning before the shooting starts.

here is the original car :)

This job was really fun and it s all because of the amazing working team.
Thanks a lot to Issa Kandil, Ashley Choukeir, Houssam Kanj, Sahar Malek and Petra Abousleiman :)