Marcedes - Poster

Marcedes, is the new film for Hady Zaccak.
I am a fan of Hady's documentaries and i m lucky to work on this one.
I designed the poster and the opening title that i animated along with Ashley Choukeir.
Marcedes is the story of a car, the story of a family and the story of a country. Therefore, the poster visual must reflect those elements so we decided to create a postage stamp for Mercedes, the car so it becomes an icon in the history of Lebanon.
This is one of the most exciting tasks i've ever worked on, and i hope one day, i ll be able to design some stamps for real :)
Here is the final poster that is now printed in 4 different colors like any other stamp.
I added some photos of the prints, and a photo of the lovely Hady Zaccak :)

Marcedes world premiere will be in Dubai International Film Festival, December 9th.
For more info, check this link


  1. 7elw awi ya wad ya david! :D a7la aslan we howa printed :D

  2. :D yesss i ll give u one of the prints :D they are amazing and it s on wood so mota3added l este3malat :D

  3. Hello Sarah and tx for ur comment :) i m now on ur blog and i m loving adele - om koltoom :D they really look alike :)

  4. WONDERFUL! I would like a print too please xx

  5. Hi, LOVE the poster -- would love to know how I can get a print! Great job :)

  6. I love this, i would love one too :)

  7. Great work keep it up Iam a big fan

  8. hmmm ok look, i m printing some postcards now :D and whenever u r in lebanon, u ll find it in the libraries hopefully :D or let me know if u dnt coz i can deliver it to u ! wtxx :D

  9. Hi! I liked the poster before watching the movie. And I loved the movie. Very nice opening title!
    Got the postcard and will be keeping it.