Buzz - Na3eem B3ayneh

Name: Na3eem B3ayneh
Problem : Na3eem can no longer look into the eyes of his friends (Ma 2elo 3ein). His girlfriend is taking up all his time and he can't stand it anymore!
Advice: Drink Buzz :)

Agency: Tony Khoueiry & Nathalie Masri
Character Modeling & Animation: Ashley Phebe Choukeir
Layout Design & Animation : David Habchy
Audio: Amadeus Awad

check a lower resolution movie here on Youtube.


  1. l background tostil bé haydé dav! and the lighting.
    nice work guys
    b7ebbak, b7ebbik ashley :)

  2. ente sayra ma bet7ebbe gheir l backgrounds lli fiyon khadar ;) bhebbik ana ktir walla

  3. hey,
    does their agency have a name?
    Tony Khoueiry & Nathalie Masri

  4. hello Hadi, actually their agency has no name. it s kind of new so if you need any info abt them or any contact information, just let me know :) have a nice day

  5. al hamdou lellah rabb l3alameen :D

  6. no wayyy! the moment i saw the ad i thought it had something 2 do with u!
    it's hillarious! loved it!

  7. :DD txxxxxxxx wait for the next 2 Ads, i m excited as well :)