Haltabees MakingOf

"Haltabees" the book, printed and ready to be published by al Khayyat al Saghir :)
this book is written by Rania Saghir and illustrated by me.
process for creating the main character "Haltabees". first, the armature, volume, then adding the clay and coloring the face. the choice of clay is to show that "Haltabees" is sensitive and fragile just like the material.
Christy (neighbor) & Rania Saghir (the author) meeting Haltabees.
steps for one of the spreads : starting with a hand drawn illustration, shooting Haltabees in the right light and angle, leading to a digital full rendered illustration, placing the character inside the illustration, adjusting the colors and light and adding shadow.
the final illustration.
steps for another spread of the book; making the set of hearts to introduce the dream of Haltabees. many layers will be added to the photo, including photo collage, Haltabees and Lamees.
the final illustration
creating the street scene from clay and cardboards, trying different light positions and shooting the background street scene.
more steps for the same spread; shooting street details from the neighborhood and adding them digitally to the illustration. in addition to adding the character to the illustration.
the final illustration
a number of buildings, selected from photos, distorted digitally and set in a composition to create the final spread of the book.
the final spread after color correction and digital rendering.
shooting the cover. Pisto (the cat) supervising the process. the title is done also from clay.
the cover :)
a bonus spread that was not printed in the book :)


  1. OMG!!! i would never know u did all that....
    love it big time.....


  2. I see Teta Maha is getting "undercover exposure" :D

    Daveeeeddddd I loooove love the book! amazing work!

    pleaaaase keep one for me please please?

  3. mOmO: shoft now lei el nashaf 3ala l hatef ? ;p
    Nour: hahayyyyy wala la7azt ! shoo asha3ik fiya ??
    kein badde eb3ato lal kteib ma3 l taxi :S ma khallaytini !

  4. ¡Te odio ... pero ... es ¡¡GRAN de Madrid. España, espero que de un día para ver que libro en español ... el poema i no understad .. Pitty ... beso de María. .

  5. gracias por su apoyo. así que me preguntó sobre los edificios, que son fotografías reales y manipulada con el Photoshop. la historia es sobre haltabees, que está enamorado de una chica llamada Lamees y todos la historia de amor entre ellos:)

  6. Great WorK dave! :D from where can i get it anyways?!

  7. Dav... wooow i love how you mixed it out... sorry couldn't be for the signatuream still shooting the shankaboot:)

  8. David, It is good to see what you are up to now!
    I found your method of creating your illustrations really informative and interesting. The fact that you combine little models, drawing, photography and computer, is complicated, but then end result looks very convincingly 3D. I love your 'instructional' images showing the methods used!
    I would love to see the completed book! April Wilson

  9. WoW tx everyone !!
    and miss April, it s really an honor for me that you commented on the book and its process ! i appreciate it a lot :)

    tx again

  10. Daaaavid!!!! great Job!
    I looove it all .. can u please keep a book for me.. i asked about it in Vergin lebanon and in Kuwait but i couldnt find it .. pleaaaase keep mine i want to have it
    Bessst LUCK

  11. hey alaaaaaaaa tx :)
    jite 3a lebnein wma 7kitine ??? ;p
    look the book is available now in :

    Virgin Lebanon
    Antoine Library
    Noah's Ark Library (Hamra)
    & Hakawati book store in Amman, Jordan.

    not yet in Kuwait :S

  12. wallaa ra7 wassi 3laya tewsayeh .. i will let my sister get it for me from Leb..

    thanks for telling me and bessst luck :))))