This is another illustrated and animated campaign with agency Leo Burnett Beirut.
The client is Picon, and it is the back to school promo entitled "a2wa rass bi Lebnein" :)
it s a competition on Picon's website that challenges the kids knowledge about Lebanon.
Here are the key visuals i did for the campaign.

i had to do all the elements in the illustrations with a simple contour line so the production team can add die-cuts easily, specially that part of the campaign is to do pop-up stands in supermarkets.

Just after the visuals, we moved to the animated TVC Ad. I did the animation together with the great Ashley Choukeir :) tx Ash.
Enjoy the animation and i hope you like the project :)


  1. Did you work on the competition game development or only the design? because they're not being fair at all with this competition: Please check this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2HUaP7s2sI

  2. If not, can you please send me their company's number? Thanks.

  3. Good morning VIP.
    well, my work is only to design the visuals and to do the animation.
    so i don't really know who did the development of the website because i m not a production house that does it all.
    i saw your video, and i ll share it today with the agency.
    you r right, this is not fair but let s check if it s a technical issue or what.

  4. Hello again,
    i called the creative team i was working with on the campaign and they told me as well that it s not fair and they feel very betrayed by how the web developers made them look.
    thanks for sharing your video with us and i hope i was able to fix this issue but everyone is supposed to do his own stuff, and i m trying to do my part really good.

  5. hahaha just saw the vid! louk INTA a'wa rass!! ;D

  6. haha karsouny eza ana a2wa rass, enta a2wa jasad ;)

  7. Hey david, thanks for your replies and for calling the company..I appreciate it! and the job you did with the animation was great! :P

  8. VIP can you pass me your email address coz thy want to contact you.
    thanks :)

  9. Thanks David..my mail is touficdb@hotmail.com.

  10. yiiiii!!!! fi chi abyad metel el talej...
    j'adore tes illustrations.
    et tu me manques Dada...

  11. wlak jameliiiiik ente !!! sallemon 3al support deyman wnchalla ente a7san hal fatra wma fi krayez :D amouahhhhh love ya

  12. Hey David, they didn't contact me yet and the competition ends tomorrow..Should I contact them? Thanks.

  13. I had the exact same problem!

    They're not playing fair at all!

  14. to vip: the first question after start game appears at 0:17 (in your video)and the last question end at 0:30, this means that you take 13 really seconds, but in the game you take less than 4 seconds! this means that every second in the game takes more than 3 really seconds...
    to ghady: the first question after start game appears at 0:13 (in your video)and the last question end at 0:26, this mean that you take 13 really seconds, but in the game you take less than 3 seconds! this mean that every second in the game takes more than 4 really seconds...
    in conclusion, if you are not cheated, you had a problem in flash or anything that 1 second take more than 3 seconds... and when you have a problem anything maybe happen.

  15. between, ma badda zaka ktir ta wa7ad ya3ref enno vip and ghady are the same person or relatives ;)

  16. ma heik toufic and ghady diab ? ;)

  17. Dear 'Anonymous',

    Yes, we are relatives (brothers), and I never said we're not, and there's nothing in the rules that say brothers can't participate in 2 different accounts.

    Concerning the number of seconds, the timer they implemented in the game is slow (you should have noticed this if you played the game), I contacted the game developers and this is how they wanted it to be (I'm not slowing it down or anything). By the way, when we contacted the company we told them we were brothers, so there's nothing to hide.

    Besides, the goal of the game is to answer 12 questions in the shortest time possible, and this is what we did. We didn't break any of the game rules. If you think we did, please let me know how.

    When I contacted the development company (ClearTag) they said the system considered that the score was "above human capabilities" and resetted it. We have proofs showing that the the score is "realistic" and that we played legitimately (the video), but they have no reasons for resetting it.

    So we don't understand why we have to hold responsibility of their development programming leaks...

  18. man, I tell that you are relatives to mean that the complain is from one side, no to mean that is the reason of what happen with you. Yes nothing prevents 2 or 3 or many relatives to participate, and nothing prevents you to participates with many accounts... (and I think that you do this)
    2nd, I'm not telling that you cheat or no, I'm telling: "if you are not cheated, you had a problem in flash or anything that 1 second take more than 3 seconds... and when you have a problem anything maybe happen" because I played the game and the time was more fast than yours!
    Anyway, maybe one(or more) of your many accounts (you and your brother) had a chance to enter the top list, if not the top score, the 2nd or the 3rd... not bad!
    did they contact you or your brother to tell you that you have won after the end of the competition ? because they do this with a friend. good luck

  19. Thanks for your reply. They contacted me saying that my score is 1792.98 and that I'm not in the top 10. And after I told them that I got a higher score (1796) according to the videos, and sent them the Youtube links, they replied saying that the score is 'unrealistic' and was resetted to 0!

    I even told them I got a high score of 1793 (I didn't record that try), and the first one on the final top list had 1793 also. His score was accepted but mine was also resetted to 0.

    My question is, How come the same score is considered "realistic" for some and "unrealistic" for others??
    I asked them to check the results again 2 days ago, but they didn't reply yet. I hope they will soon...

  20. maybe you got 1793.001 so this is considered unrealistic by the system (if what you said is correct)... anyway did they reply?

  21. Hello Guys,
    can you please move this conversation to any of your personal accounts ?
    i do care all this is resolved but since i don't have anything to do with this website development, i prefer not to have this conversation here on my blog.
    tx a lot for understanding and ur welcome anytime :)
    have a nice day

  22. I've been following your work for some time now.. and i love it.. just a quick question if you dont mind.. what software did you use for this particular job.. or is it a combination of hand sketch to illustrator to photoshop.. cheers..

  23. Hello Steve :) great to hear that !
    concerning the technique, the illustration part is a combination of hand drawn stuff to set the character design, later i rendered everything digitally on photoshop using wacom intuos 3, and prepared all the layers and compositions in photoshop as well. later, we animated the layers in after effects CS3.
    i used as well a lot of photos and distorted them to do the background elements because the agency requested a photo manipulation style.
    wbass :) hope i made myself clear.

  24. more then clear.. thanks a lot for taking the time and sharing your technique.. keep it up..