Freez Black

Here is Kassatly Chtaura's new AD to introduce the new flavor Freez Black. Working on the sexy concepts of Nathalie Masri is always fun and daring in the advertising world. Our projects are turning into pleasure specially with Fouad Mezher, Ashley Choukeir and Karim Kneisser. I think we are building an ideal team, at least for me :)
much love for all the effort and trust.

Client: Kassatly Chtaura - Freez
Creative: Nathalie Masri
Illustration: David Habchy & Fouad Mezher
Character Animation: Ashley Choukeir
Layout Design & Animation: David Habchy


  1. I loved it!! and it was hilarious when i saw the baby black freez in the end :)
    Oh and saw your work featured on a blog today :)

  2. aww tx guys :)
    Nourie, tx for sharing the link, ma kein ma3e khabaro :)

  3. a maziiing man ,,keep it this ad in particular brings me a wide smile no matter how many times i come across it..hahaha..i looove it