BPG Awareness Campaign

Hello everyone :)
This is a project i did for the Brand Protection Group with Leo Burnett, Beirut.
The purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness concerning counterfeit products in Lebanon.
for more information, please check this link.

a couple of photos from the shooting day with the amazing Joanna, Adrea and Vanessa :)

Thanks a lot to Tania and Nayla ...


  1. WOOWWW!!!!
    I just get blown away every time i see your work :) I remember seeing your work before i went into uni 2 years ago and saying that's what i would love to be able to do one day

  2. Oh nour !! ur words are just like labne wzeit in the morning :) just checked your work and i want more glossy lips puppet heads !!!!

  3. :) :) i'm speechless thank you :) will do more and post them up :D