Kassatly Chtaura apple juice TVC

we freshly finished this television Ad for Kassatly Chtaura new apple juice.
Nathalie Masri & Tony Khoueiry, a fresh young energetic team ;) that worked a lot in advertising, created an independent agency and this is one of their first projects. they did the concept of this campaign and asked me to do the animation. let me say it was really fun working with them !
this year, i decided to focus more on the group work, specially in the illustration part. Ghadi Ghosn, or "king of ogres" helped me in the visuals; he drew the elements and inked them. i did the color rendering, the composition and character design and prepared them for animation. Ashley Choukeir , akid, took all the thousand layers and animated them with a smile on her face :) she s amazing ! we finished the animation and we moved to the music part. Karim Khneisser, a talented young composer, did the music in his studio somewhere in the streets of Achrafieh :) Christelle Franca, assisted in the process and we thank her for her positive energy always !
wbass ! I hope u like it.


  1. Great Animation Dave, Ash and the team which worked on it. I am sure it will help up promoting animation in TVC's in lebanon...
    i love it ! :)

  2. tx alain :) and yes a lot of advertising agencies in lebanon are asking for animation recently ! we are working now on a series of 3 animated TVCs. will post them as soon as we finish :)