الاستاذ صالح


  1. Hi there! I just thought I'd drop a comment (something I don't usually do) to tell you how impressed I am with your work. I mean WOW (not the MMORPG :D).The awesome thing about it (besides the excellent visuals) is the unique universe that emanates from everything you create. I swear I'd recognize any tiny sketch of yours anywhere. And the 7altabees book, it's just mind-blowing. Enough to reconcile me with arabic children's books. Thumbs up!

  2. Wow, Jennifer !
    thanks thanks thanks for your beauuutiful comment. i m very happy that Haltabees is adding to the arabic children's book scene, because we need it. i woke up early this morning to work on another series of children's book and your comment is a big motivation and it made my day :D
    thanks again and do i know you ? do you have any blog or you don't work in this field ?
    have a nice day :)

  3. Oh I'm always happy when I make someone's day :D
    And yes, yes, do wake up as early as you can to work on the book [she says with eager eyes]
    We don't know each other, and I "work" in a veeeery different field (actually, I'm a law student) but don't you worry, I'll be stalking you via your blog (well, not in a psycho way at least)
    All the best!!

  4. OMG a law student this is not fair ;)
    u r funny and the way u talk is so theatrical !
    thanks again :)

  5. "not fair"? Why? Are we all supposed to be cranky and boring? I'm disappointed in you.
    Naaah I'm just kidding.
    Now instead of replying to my pointless comments (although I think it very sweet of you, and you do seem like a sweet guy), move it and give me a new brilliant post of yours :D