Sketchbook 08

مشروع ليلى في عيد الموسيقى ٠٨

i hate the smell of freedom

شيخ اعمى في الحمرا يرافقه صبي صغير

اهداء الي جميع الامهات والجدات الفخورات بنمو اولادهن

ورشة، صبحيات، سوق جبيل

الجوع في ملك الطاووق

١٤ شباط

نور والحواسيب يهللون بعد انقطاع الكهرباء

الروشة - كافيه يونس

الله يرحمن


  1. I love your work! It's B R I L L A N T!

  2. wlak tx bass do i know u ? :)
    min allik 3an hal chi ma ba3d ma elt la hada !!

  3. David, You are so talented...
    I knew this when i first met your talent 2 years ago.
    You had the potential, which alone is not enough.
    What you did is train very hard, you have developped your artistic and drawing techniques so well.
    Keep doing this, your art is beautiful.
    Devote yourself to it with the same passion that you have now.


  4. alain alain alain bet3a2edd
    man tx for everytg u did for the animation and arts in lebanon
    tx for BAN the beautiful animation studio :)
    hope i ll always be involved in ur dreams and projects :)
    tx for evrytg :)))

  5. Breathtaking amazing work! keep on