TEDx Beirut Sketches

TEDx Beirut was happening yesterday, and it was a great day ! I was asked to do live sketches for the talks on set. That was not easy; but the inspiring talks made the whole process faster than i expected. I had to chose only one idea per talk or else, I would have illustrated the whole day. Now enjoy the Sketches, Check TEDx Beirut great website designed by ThereforeDesign and their Blog :)

Sabine and I in the event :) I used to sketch inside the theater and between the sessions scan everything to post the sketches online.

Halim Madi
Andrew Bossone
Hala Fadel
Gilbert Doumit
Bassam Jalgha
Arne Dietrich
Hassan Aziz
Ziad Abichakar
Ziad Abichakar
Mazen Hajjar
Najat Rizk
Reine Abbas
Farid Younes
Mahmoud Natout
Ali M. Jaber
Katia Saleh
Michael Kouly
TEDx Staff
Farid Younes
Daniel Habib & Tony Oudaim


  1. well it was indeed a beautiful day !! love ya people

  2. louvvvvvvvvvvvvvvlyyy:D DAf DAf

  3. I enjoyed so much enno 3melnehon kellna sawa :D tx for u and pat , 3anjadd

  4. Amazing Dav!!
    Bi fatso de7ek, mesh ma32oul!
    All the attendees should see them!
    Love you :)

  5. habibe ente ! eh kenna 3am netsallah ktir ana w3am a3melon :)

  6. very nice! thanks David for everything!

  7. Just brilliant as usual and every time I visit your blog I am positively shocked by your creativity I adore what is inside your mind :P

    I wish you visit my blog which is my first step to start hibastudio.blogspot.com


  8. Thanks a lot ya hibaa :) and i visited the blog ! my fav for now is نكد :D yalla waiting for more !!!