Freez - Refresh, Restart.

and here is the first AD i direct that includes real footage, actors, studios, and animation; it is the new corporate TVC for Freez drink.

Client: Kassatly Chtaura
Creative Director: Nathalie Masri
Director: David Habchy
Animation Director: David Habchy
Strategic Planner: Khalil Khatib
Executive Producer: Nathalie Masri
Production Manager: Sofia Moussa
Art Director & Layout Designer: David Habchy
DOP: Nadim Sawma
Animation & Modeling: Emile Jalkh, Avak Avakian, Ashley Choukeir
Colorist: Roy Loutfallah
Editing: Wajdi Elian, David Habchy
Music: Karim Khneisser

This was indeed a big challenge for me. I knew before all aspects of real footage and compositing using chroma but i never tried it all together. working with a group of professional talented people made everything easier than i expected; and again gave me the energy and the will to handle bigger projects with lots of risks.

Thanks for all the lovely people who worked on this project; all the technicians, actors, animators, and all the rest of the crew...

I hope you ll enjoy it and i m ready to hear your feedback.

This s my first project of its kind and i want to learn more :)


  1. Nice step David, wish u all the best in your future works. i think we both believe in constructive criticism, so i have to say that i can see the idea that u dealt with in this ad, yet the visual result starts great and ends "not as great" with the animation. please note that the same colored bars in the background of the animation were used for a tv show's identity (the show is called hiwarat shababiya), i instantly recognized it because i attend the editing of the show..
    i usually expect more David, and am waiting for your new creative ideas very soon :)

  2. Hi,
    First, thanks a loooot for your comments ! i really appreciate your constructive criticism.
    i definitely agree with you concerning the "not as great" part and till now, i m not satisfied with the second part of the TVC; maybe it took us too much time to finish the first art perfectly that we lost energy on the second one. and to be honest, the second part is more commercial, this is why i felt less motivated to push it more. however i don't know about the tv show you mentioned since i don't have a tv at my place :) but i think this colored bars background does not have that much identity and originality in terms of design except the choice of color range so such similarities are possible in this case.
    thanks again about your feedback, will be glad to hear it always, and i promise beautiful stuff will come soon :)

  3. Very positive that you will amaze us in another project soon .. looking forward to it pal ! :) cheers !