TreeShirt & Hamra Expo

"أشعار للمياه" is a project combining illustration and poetry between Soha Awwad and me. Our aim is to integrate poetry into society using different techniques. we did before an animation and now we finished this hand made book. i learned binding techniques in a workshop with Sofi Eicher, tx Sofi :)

we presented the book with other materials in the Arabic Language Festival in Hamra since Soha's poetry is in arabic.

in this festival, we introduced "Treeshirt", another project, derived from this poetry - illustration collaboration.
What is Treeshirt? this is how they define themselves :

Treeshirt is for everyone with an eye for cool designs and a passion for making this world a better place to live in.

With a growing selection of original designs created by a group of talented artists.Whether it’s about making the world a greener place, a more peaceful place or simply sharing your take on life, love and everything in between, TreeShirts are the tees for you!For its mission, TreeShirt is helping in the reforestation of Lebanon that’s why every time you buy a TreeShirt product, a share of its revenue will be donated to the AFDC (Association for Forest Development and Conservation), and they will use it to reforest areas all around Lebanon. You’ll also receive with your TreeShirt a special edition package so you can make your life a bit greener too.TreeShirt, we’re all about changing the world one idea at a time. By buying our awesome tees, not only will you look great but you’ll also making a difference in our community and the world.Treeshirt. Look great. Live green

this is the design we did for Treeshirt and it s entitled "Intoxication";
for all those searching for the perfect cycle, we offer a leap, a free fall into the world of intoxication.

ok, if you like the idea, just go to this link, buy a shirt, tghandaroo fiya, and save a tree :)
wa shukrann !


  1. Splendid ... love love love the Shirts :) and the concept behind selling them ... definitely ordering :) keep up the amazing work dear

  2. cool naeema :D and tx for ur support dear

  3. are there any books left?? can you save me one? looks lovely and I'm sure the poems are great too!

  4. well we did only 2 books but i m planning to do more. i loooove Soha's poetry,it s full of images btw. i ll show u the book whenever u r in Lebanon.