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Nahar Al Shabab article, by Hanadi Dairi, 8,4,2010

Valerie Pezeron from DIA, the fashion magazine based in UK, wrote this article, check it here.
thanks :)


  1. That's my photo of u when we were close to "Ibn Toloun mosque" niahaaaaaa :D ana 3la safa7at al gara2ed ana aydan :D

    saneyan.. el lo3'a el 3arabeya el FOS7A mesh lay2a 3alik neha2y :"D :P

    "ez garat el 3ada.... ha howa 3alam el resoom el tazyeneya... "

    SERIOUSLY...Hanadi did awesome job making u look sane :P (thumbs up To Hanadi..) :) :) :)

    yalla ya walad show us more... :)

  2. haha katak l araf :p
    ah enta dayman bayen 3ala l garayed bass men doun ayy credit ;p
    bitettarye2 3ala llogha l fos7a 3alayya ? 7awarreek lamma tigi :)
    love ya

  3. Ok so here goes the stalker... When I was reading the Nahar article, all I could think of was "بيت لبناني قديم في جونية", and it made me feel sooo envious! Not only have I developed the biggest crush on traditional Lebanese houses since as long as I can remember, and I'm always this close to have a car accident whenever I'm driving through Jounieh's souks, but I currently live in a claustrophobic soulless chalet, which make me more jealous :( No wonder the quality of your work is beyond amazing!

  4. and i m lookin for a roommate :p seriously, u can pass by anytime you want, i ll be more than happy to welcome you ! give me your email address to send you my phone number.