All in 1 Box Exhibition

"All in 1 Box" Exhibition is the result of a six-day collaboration workshop between 22 illustrators from Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Egypt and Jordan. we sat in the running horse gallery to experiment and explore different ways of illustration far from our safe zones.

the "All in 1 box" exhibition will run from 25 to 30 of January 2010 inThe Running Horse Contemporary Art Space in Beirut

and one BOX will travel to other venues: mainly in public libraries in Lebanon

Here is the schedule:

-Beirut, Bashoura Public Library

15. 2.10 until 27.2.10

- Baalbeck Public Library

15. 3.10 until 27.3.10

-Bikfaya Public Library

12.4.10 until 24.4.10

- Sour Public Library

17.5.10 until 29.5.10

-Tripoli- Mina Public Library

14.6.10 until 26.6.10

photos from the opening in the running horse gallery

"Abir wal Khanzir" or "Abir & the Pig"
"Abir wal Khanzir", my research project in this workshop, is a collaborative story based on one visual i did the first day. I hope it will be published one day :)

Helle Vibeke Jensen teaching Omar, Nour and me Japanese binding through an overwhelming ritual :)

the mapping of almost all projects.

an adaptation of the illustrated character "Abir" on my head . Nour Bishouti and I did this experiment and here is the video of Abir moving :)

tx to all the participants and the trainers for being crazy :)


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  5. Davood
    I love the Mariam-Diala flip
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    It was wonderful meeting you! See you in Beirut! :)

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  7. Pity we did not know as we were in Lebanon all january and would have been interesting to see the exhibition.

  8. oOooo i would have loved to meet you in person specially in this exhibition because the work process is so interesting to share. all illustrators were amazing ! looking forward to see you !