Printmaking with Elizabeth

i took this course august 2009 in central Saint Martins in London.
this is the university and me standing with Ruth :)
the class, the stairs
the secret elevator discovered from the first day
colors and tools
the instructor Scean Myers, atmosphere & Yasmin
technique 1: monoprinting
thechique 2: monodrawing
monodrawing application
technique 3: phototransfer
using plate and ink, dentelles & stencils
more stencils using light table in order to add the skin color
final result :)
workspace and one unfinished mixed media and collage test
Drypoint: the image was incised into a plate with a hard-pointed needle and then printed on a wet paper.
drypoint final result
starting with drypoint again but adding more prints with the same plate, to give a blurry effect
adding the body color with monoprinting.
adding the outer effect with drypoint and a sharp metal brush
printing the color with the mask on a separate black paper as suggested by Sean
adding a light color on top of the contour to soften the contrast
final result :)


  1. ya 3am i won't study art eza kan keda!!! u r hard to follow dude :D

    ana 7'las bashoof 7aga tanya... :D ha3mel masters fi el make up :D

  2. aw momkin ashta3'al ra2asa :D be yeksabo bardu :D

  3. Not only an amazing work, but also great photos!!! Love it!!! ^_^

  4. beaaaaaa u should take this course next year this will help u changing from the digital stuff ;) love u

  5. Aaaw David! Thank you for sending me the link to this - its SOOO lovely to be reminded of that fabulous week! I hope you're well xxx

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  7. Great work and nice photos!

    These techniques seem so incredibly fun and liberating, i'd love to try them someday! :)